About Me

We love the amazing roller-coaster of emotions, chaos and beauty each wedding delivers. We always seek to capture true emotions, love, grace and the fragility of a special moment. To be able to do all this we try to interfere as little as possible, we use natural light mostly and we just love to capture that unique ambiance that each of our couples radiate.

As for our clients, we are strict with the homework we always give. We are interested in your story and ways you are unique as a couple. What are your hobbies? What things inspire you? What places are the most comfortable and dear to you? This way during the photo-shoot you will feel truly yourself. We are willing to give you as much freedom as you want and fun crazy ideas are most welcome.

We love what we do and we love pushing ourselves to new boundaries and embrace things that previously felt intimidating. Contact us and tell us your story, inspire us and become dear as all our heroes that shared their special day with us.


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